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Corporate Social Responsibility Program In Egypt And The Arab World

Over the past decade, more companies and countries have recognized the benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility practices and policies in the business field. Incorporating social responsibility in the business strategy, based on good ethical values and long-term approaches, will benefit companies and positively contribute to the society as a whole.

Driven by this growing local demand, the World Bank Institute in partnership with the Egyptian Institute of Directors and InWEnt International has developed a learning program on Corporate Social Responsibility specifically designed to Egypt and the Arab World. Additional partners include leading training and learning institutions in the region. The program consists of an online web-based course on Corporate Social Responsibility and complementary face-to-face trainings, led by highly qualified local CSR trainers.

The program focuses on the benefits companies can gain from implementing Corporate Social Responsibility. It highlights two concepts: the concept of "Corporate Social Responsibility" and that of "Sustainable Competitiveness" and focuses not only on incorporating Corporate Social Responsibility in the business and regional development strategies but also on how to implement them practically.



Opening of the English Language course of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Competitiveness
March 22, 2009



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