“Achieving More with Less: A new way of rice cultivation" is a multimedia toolkit, using audio-visual materials to illustrate knowledge and techniques on the System of Rice Intensification (SRI). The information presented is based on field practices and results seen from many countries, research, documentation, photographs, first hand accounts and interviews. With increasing pressures being placed on natural and financial resources, and continuing threats to food security, this toolkit is being produced to disseminate SRI knowledge to a wider audience.

“The World Bank Institute, through knowledge sharing and learning, seeks to inspire, inform and catalyze development practitioners into action, and help them undertake innovative reforms that will reduce poverty around the globe. This multimedia toolkit on the System of Rice Intensification is a great example of the power of information and its potential to shape future actions geared towards achieving more with less.”

— Sanjay Pradhan, Vice President, World Bank Institute



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