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Country Comparison
     Allows graphical representation of five indicators across ten countries for one time period
  • Select countries from the regional, income, or PTA groups
  • In the country group menu on your left, you can select a region, preferential trading agreement or income group to list countries. Selecting 'world' will give a list of all countries. The define custom group option allows the user to create two groups comprising any combination of up to ten countries in each group
  • To get the list of indicators, select from among the five categories and choose indicators to display
  • Select time period. Users have the option to define their own time periods
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Trade Restrictiveness Indices (TRIs)
MFN Applied Tariff (AV + AVE)
MFN Applied Tariff (AV-only)
Applied Tariff including preferences
Tariff escalation
MFN-0 Tariff Lines / Import Value
Tariff Peaks
Tariff Bounds / Overhang
Non-Ad Valorem Tariffs
Non-Tariff Measures
Customs Duties
Contingency Protection - Trade Remedy
Export Restrictions
Services Policy
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